The company

Nectar Asset Management is a property investment manager, and commercial property consultancy, based in Copenhagen. Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and professional advice relating to their property investments.

Nectar Asset Management is an advisory firm, formed in 2010. Nectar Asset Management has since become one of the leading fund managers and property consultants for investors operating between the UK, Germany and the Nordics.


We manage cross-border property investments with a combined value of over ¬£700m, with the assets being located primarily in the UK, Germany and the Nordics. We are 20 highly skilled employees and have many years’ of experience in managing commercial and residential properties as well as managing complex company structures.



Company Management

Our team deals with all the financial reporting, taxation issues, company structure management, and local financing activities relating to the investments. Our team consists of fund managers, accountants and other administrative staff.


We furthermore handle all the day-to-day management of the portfolio, as well as more complex asset management projects, including; landlord & tenant negotiations and disputes, development projects, supervision of rent reviews and lease renewals, lettings, and sourcing/disposing of investments.


We have a strong network of advisors, that includes letting agents, financing partners, valuers, rent review surveyors, developers, building consultants, accountants & tax advisors, all whom we have identified as being “best in class” in their particular sector.


Nectar is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (firm no.725303).